We are proud to offer a wide variety of oral and facial surgery services, many of which are listed below. We would love to talk with you more, and we encourage you to call our friendly team to schedule a visit.

What we Offer

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth is easier and more affordable than ever before with dental implants. Whether replacing a single tooth or a whole smile, dental implants can improve your appearance and your ability to enjoy your food.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal has become a rite of passage, and although most of us will need it, no one really likes having it done. With our focus on excellent surgical technique, safety, and patient comfort, we can help you get through your surgery and back to your life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

IV Sedation

We understand that oral surgery can be intimidating and even a little scary, so we work hard to help our patients feel comfortable before, during, and after their procedure. For anyone who may be nervous or has had a bad experience in the past, IV sedation can help make your experience a great one.

Our Services

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our minimally invasive surgical techniques and cutting edge technology like PRF promote a smooth and rapid recovery following your procedure.

Dental Implants

We use the latest techniques like guided surgery and high quality implant components for beautiful and long lasting tooth replacement options.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Growth factors we obtain from your own blood improve wound healing and shorten healing time following surgery.

Facial Trauma Care

We treat injuries to the teeth, bones, and soft tissues of the face.

Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting

We offer a variety of procedures to prepare for implant placement.

Surgically Assisted Orthodontics

We expose unerupted teeth and place brackets to bring the teeth into the correct position as well as perform jaw (orthognathic) surgery for those with jaw misalignments (underbite/overbite).

3D imaging/Cone Beam CT Technology

Our cutting edge x-ray technology minimizes radiation and allows for precise surgical planning as well as guided surgical techniques for dental implant placement.

Oral and Facial Pathology

We offer biopsy and treatment of cysts, tumors, and lesions of the mouth and face.